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Keeping Snug When Camping In The UK

Keeping Snug When Camping In The UK

April showers seem to have extended right the way through May and well into June. Let’s face it, we’re all wondering whether that’s our summer over and done with! Although we might not be living out the sunny summer we’d hoped for, we shouldn’t let good old British weather dictate our summer holiday activities. If you’re heading on an outdoor adventure like camping or staying in a campervan or motorhomes in the countryside with your family, here are our top tips for keeping snug during those cold, wet days.

Layer Up

Us Brits know how to layer. In the chilly summer evenings or deep-depths of the winter, we’re always ready to don an extra cardi or two. Camping or staying in a motorhome is no different, in fact, the more layers the better. ‘Dress to impress’ doesn’t quite apply here, instead creating a layered outfit for those harsh evenings is a must for staying warm.

Starting all the way at your ‘essentials’ - cosy sleep socks and thermal underwear are your base layer must-haves. Build up from there with thermal under tops, long johns or leggings, hoodies, gloves and of course, a thick, good quality sleeping bag.

Insulate Your Tent

Not only is pitching your tent and lying directly on the ground uncomfortable, but you’re most likely setting yourself up for a night of constant shivering. Channel the power of insulation by placing a duvet or a couple of thick thermal blankets on the base of your tent to prevent the cold ground from creeping in. We can guarantee you’ll have a comfy and cosy night's sleep.

Top tip: whether in or out, remember to keep your tent zipped up and closed as much as possible to keep the heat from escaping and the cold from getting in.

Keep Your Hands and Feet Warm

Keeping your hands and feet nice and warm is vital for good circulation. When your circulation is poor, the body lacks the fuel it needs to maintain optimum energy and temperature levels - meaning you can often feel colder than normal. Especially during those colder days and nights, invest in good quality thermal socks, walking boots and thermal gloves to boost your circulation and keep the cold away.

Food is Fuel

Did you know that your body burns calories to stay warm? Which means eating quite literally equals heating. Consuming high-fat and high-protein foods burn slower than high-carb foods, keeping you sustained (and warmer) for longer.

Foods such as meat, fish, avocado, butter, nuts and seeds are all great for outdoor eating and keep you warm for longer. Even snacking on these high-protein foods will boost your body temperature.

Hydration is also key in keeping yourself warm. Drinking plenty of water and hydrating liquids reduces fatigue, giving your body the energy to produce heat. Make sure you have a large water bottle with you at all times - and are close to a fresh, safe water supply to keep yourself topped up.

Now you know how to keep warm in the wilderness, it’s time to plan your summer camping trip! Get your marshmallows, ghost stories and binoculars at the ready and don’t forget that all important thermal gear to keep you cosy during those chilly nights.