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Are Heat Holders® the warmest thermal socks in the world?

As far as we know and based on all the tests carried out so far, Heat Holders socks are indeed the
warmest thermal socks in the world.

How do Heat Holders® work?

There are no batteries, switches, solar panels or other gimmicks! Heat Holders thermal socks are made using our unique three-stage thermal construction:

1. Heat Holders thermal yarn: Our advanced Japanese-designed thermal yarn provides high-performance insulation with superior softness and moisture-minimising breathability.

2. Heat Holders thermal loops: Our innovative knitting technology produces our PATENTED long-loop cushion pile to hold more warm air close to the skin, boosting the socks' thermal overall grade (TOG) rating.

3. Heat Holders thermal brushing: Our expert brushing process maximises the amount of warm air held within the fabric of the socks for unbeatable warmth and all-day comfort.

Will my Heat Holders® thermal socks make my sweaty?

Heat Holders advanced thermal yarn absorbs far less moisture than cotton or wool typically do. On top of that, our unique high-loft knitting construction encourages moisture to quickly evaporate and escape from the feet. As customers are often telling us, their feet stay warm and dry rather than hot and sweaty!

What styles of socks are available?

Heat Holders socks are available in many different styles, from extra-long to crew length and ankle socks. We offer three different thicknesses, each suitable for a different occasion or type of shoe: Original, Lite and Ultra Lite. We also make socks to wear around your home, work socks, outdoor socks, gift socks and socks featuring popular characters from film and TV. With a Heat Holders sock for every
style and occasion, you can enjoy blissful warmth wherever life takes you.

What are Slipper Socks? How are they different from non-Slipper Socks?

Heat Holders thermal slipper socks, also known as ‘gripper socks’, offer all the warmth and comfort of regular Heat Holders socks plus a non-slip grip on the sole. Heat Holders gripper socks are perfect when you need a little more traction on indoor wood or tiled surfaces, without sacrificing on comfort and warmth.

What sizes are available?

Heat Holders are available in the full range of men’s and women’s sizes, plus children’s sizes in some styles.

How should I wash and dry my Heat Holders socks?

You can machine wash your Heat Holders at 40ºC or just hand wash. Make sure you wash dark colours separately, and line-dry your socks if you can. We don’t advise you to tumble dry, dry clean or iron your Heat Holders.

How can I take care of my Heat Holders socks to prolong their life?

The best way to make your Heat Holders thermal socks last is by following our wash care guidance just above. They’ll last longer if you wear them with footwear when outdoors or well-fitting slippers indoors. If you don’t like wearing slippers, the Heat Holders range includes several styles of thermal slipper socks with rubber grips on the soles. Try to ensure your shoes fit well and do not rub. Finally, keep an eye on your toenails and don’t let them get too long, as this can accelerate wear and tear.

What is a TOG rating?

TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) is an independent laboratory-tested standard for insulation. The higher the TOG rating, the better the product is at keeping you warm. You’ll see TOG ratings applied to duvets and babywear, as well as thermal clothing like Heat Holders.

How warm are Heat Holders socks?

As far as we know and have ever tested, all three weights of Heat Holders socks (Original, Lite and
Ultra Lite) are the warmest thermal socks in their respective weight/thickness categories.

Here’s how the three weights stack up against basic cotton socks:

1. Original / 2.3 TOG / 7 x warmer than a basic cotton sock

2. Lite / 1.6 TOG / 4 x warmer than a basic cotton sock

3. Ultra Lite / 1.0 TOG / 3 x warmer than a basic cotton sock

How thick are Heat Holders thermal socks and what’s the best style of shoe to wear with them?

Heat Holders socks are available in three different thicknesses. Each one is suited to a different style of shoes:

1. Original / Maximum thickness / Perfect for boots, wellingtons and without shoes around the home.

2. Lite / Medium thickness / Great in casual fitting shoes.

3. Ultra Lite / Minimum thickness / Designed for tighter fitting shoes.

What lengths do Heat Holders come in?

Heat Holders thermal socks come in a wide range of different lengths to suit every style, occasion and type of footwear. You can choose from knee-high, extra long, crew, above the ankle and below the ankle.

Are Heat Holders warmer than wearing two pairs of normal socks?

Yes! The secret of keeping your feet warm is to hold as much warm air close to your skin as possible. Wearing two or more pairs of socks can actually make your feet colder, because you are reducing the air space available to hold in the warmth. (If you squeeze your multi-socked feet into shoes, you make things even worse, because you compress the fabric even more, reducing air pockets still further.)

What is thermal brushing?

Heat Holders thermal brushing is a delicate process where the inner surfaces of our socks are expertly and carefully brushed to maximise the amount of warm air that can be held in each sock. This produces unbeatable warmth and is also wonderfully soft and comfortable.

How do you know Heat holders are over 7× warmer than basic cotton socks?

In 2001 we set out on a mission to create the ultimate thermal sock. During development, we needed to measure exactly how warm each sock was. All our TOG ratings are based on tests carried out under laboratory conditions, using the British Standard 474 two-plate method. Our tests showed that while a basic cotton sock has a TOG rating of 0.33, our Original Heat Holders socks have a TOG rating of 2.34.

Do you sell Heat Holders gifts?

Since the very early days of Heat Holders, people have told us how pleased they have been to receive Heat Holders as a gift. This inspired us to create a wonderful collection of thermal products designed specifically for gifting. Look out for our Heat Holders Warm Wishes collection.

What are Heat Holders socks made from?

Heat Holders thermal socks are made from a unique Japanese-designed thermal yarn, sometimes referred to as ‘cashmere-like acrylic’. We chose it for its high thermal properties and superlatively soft hand-feel. The thermal yarn is mixed with a little nylon, polyester and elastane to give you the perfect balance of warmth, softness and fit.

Is the Heat Holders technology patented?

Yes, the unique knitting technology that enables us to make our Original Heat Holders thermal socks was granted a UK patent.

Are Heat Holders socks comfortable to wear, as well as being warm?

Yes, absolutely. Every Heat Holders product is designed with both comfort AND warmth in mind. In fact, warmth and comfort are two of our core brand principles. Happy Heat Holders customers often tell us that slipping on a pair of Heat Holders thermal socks is like walking on warm, fluffy clouds!

Do Heat Holders socks help you sleep better?

We believe being warm and comfortable can help you feel more relaxed, which can contribute to a better night’s sleep.

Over the years, many Heat Holders customers have told us how they love to wear their Heat Holders thermal socks to bed – so much so that we decided to create a Heat Holders ‘Sleep & Lounge’ collection, inspired by
all things sleepy and slumberous!

What is a ‘reinforced heel and toe’?

Our reinforced heels and toes are designed to put a little extra protection and durability into the areas of a sock that usually get harder impact and tougher wear. We use a different fibre blend and knitting structure for these parts of the sock, which makes them more resistant to abrasion (rubbing).

All our Heat Holders Workforce and Outdoors socks have reinforced heels and toes, so they can stand up to long shifts and all-day expeditions.

Where are Heat holders made?

Heat Holders socks were originally developed in our Indonesian factory, where they are still made to this day. Our other Heat Holders products are made in a number of carefully selected factories across the globe.

What are Heat Holders Workforce?

If you have to spend a lot of time outside as part of your job, the Heat Holders Workforce collection is for you. The range has been specifically designed for people who work long hours outdoors whatever the weather
– anyone from builders, farmers and oil-rig workers through to sports coaches, postal workers and window cleaners.

Workforce products combine the famous Heat Holders thermal technology with features specially added for extra durability, comfort and visibility: reinforced heels and toes, reflective technology, high visibility colours and more.

What are Heat Holders Outdoors?

The Heat Holders Outdoors collection has been specially designed for anyone who loves the great outdoors – walkers, climbers, riders, anglers, gardeners and more. However you like to spend your time, Heat Holders Outdoors will keep you warm until you call it a day.

The range includes thermal waterproof socks, extra-long gardening and angling socks, Merino blend wool socks and thermal dog walking socks – all designed to let you enjoy your outdoor pursuits in warmth and

What is Heatweaver thermal lining?

Heat Holders Heatweaver insulation is a plush fur-like thermal lining that maximises the amount of warm air held close to your body. We use our Heatweaver lining in most of our hats, gloves and neckwear.

What is a neck warmer?

A neck warmer is a tube of warm fabric worn around the neck to keep it warm. Neck warmers are sometimes called ‘neck gaiters’.

Heat Holders thermal neck warmers are a practical cold-weather solution when you need the warmth of a classic scarf, without the bulk or the loose flapping ends.

The simple but highly thermal-efficient closed tube construction can be simply worn around your neck or pulled up to your nose for extra warmth. Every Heat Holders neck warmer is made with super-soft thermal yarn and our Heatweaver thermal lining.

Many happy Heat Holders customers tell us that now they’ve discovered Heat Holders neck warmers, they’ll never wear a regular scarf again!

What sizes are Heat Holders hats and neck warmers available in?

We try to make all our products as simple and easy to use as possible. With this in mind, we have worked hard to develop a ‘one size fits most’ size that suits both women and men.

Are Heat Holders hats, gloves and neckwear made in the same way as your socks?

The Heat Holders brand began with our famous thermal socks. As soon as they appeared in shops, Heat Holders fans started asking us if we could create hats, gloves and other accessories that offered the same incredible warmth.

Rising to the challenge, we carefully developed our Heatweaver thermal lining, which took inspiration from the thermal brushing used in our socks, and sourced the softest yarns to create hats and accessories we are proud to offer alongside our famous thermal socks.

Are mix and match colours available?

Yes. We try to provide complementary items to mix and match whenever we can, so you can keep warm and ‘get the look’ at the same time!

What sizes are Heat holders gloves available in?

Heat Holders thermal gloves are available in various sizes:

1. Men's: small/medium, medium/large and large/extra large

2. Women's: small/medium and medium/large

Some gloves and mittens are also available in a ‘one size fits most’.

Sizing information and charts are available on all the web pages for our gloves.

What sizes are Heat Holders tights and leggings available in?

Heat Holders thermal tights and leggings are available in small, medium, large and extra large.

Sizing information and charts are available on all the web pages for our tights and leggings.

How thick are Heat Holders thermal tights and leggings? What denier are they?

Heat Holders thermal tights and leggings are 160 denier and opaque black. Each pair is carefully brushed inside to maximise the amount of warm air held close to your body for unbeatable warmth and all-day comfort.

Are Heat Holders tights and leggings stretchy?

For over 10 years we have been tweaking and improving the fit and stretch of our Heat Holders thermal tights and leggings. Now we believe we’ve reached the perfect balance between fit, stretch, all-day comfort and

Are Heat Holders blankets electric?

No, they’re traditional, fabric-only blankets that use our Heat Holders thermal technology to keep you warm without adding to your fuel bills.

To make our blankets, we developed a dual-sided fabric boasting a beautifully soft, semi-sheen side and a more thermal efficient side. The thermal side has an extra fine fur-like finish inspired by the famous thermal
brushing process used on our socks. This special finish helps to maximise the amount of warm air held close to your body.

How big are Heat Holders blankets?

Many regular blankets are only intended as décor. But Heat Holders blankets are here to keep you warm.

To achieve that mission, they have to be large enough to wrap yourself up in – so every Heat Holders blanket is what we call ‘oversized’. The dimensions are 180 x 200cm (71” x 79”).

This generous sizing lets you wrap up, relax and unwind – or even curl up with someone else!

We even offer family-sized blankets that everyone can snuggle up in. These giant blankets measure 270 x 240cm (106” x 95”).

What other products do Heat Holders make?

Ever since we launched ‘The Ultimate Thermal Sock’ in 2010, people have been reaching out to ask if we could make other thermal accessories.

We listened, and over the next 1 years we worked hard to develop more thermal products with the Heat Holders ethos at heart. And we’re still working on expanding our range today.

We’re proud to offer an excellent collection of thermal accessories and clothing, from socks to hats and gloves, neck warmers to bathrobes and blankets to thermal underwear. From head to toe, inside or out, we’ve got a Heat Holders product to keep you warm and comfortable.

What countries are Heat Holders sold in?

Developed and launched in the UK, Heat Holders quickly proved just as popular overseas. Today we are proud to sell Heat Holders in over 40 countries around the world.

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